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Best Answer: I will set the record straight for you then. It is okay to copy a song off of YouTube, as long as it's only going to be for personal use only. The fair use act that was established, specifically says that an individual is allowed one copy for personal use only. Think of it this way. When you record a TV show with your VCR, or DVR, you are then creating one copy for your use. It does not become illegal until you start distributing that show, or music for profit, or non profit use. Just the act of distribution is where it officially becomes illegal.

Now don't worry, you are not going to get in trouble for showing your own mother in your house hold or any thing. The music industry is not concerned about small potatoes like that. And technically a Court is going to consider people that live under the same roof as one anyways. But don't send it to your girl friend / boy friend out side of your roof. (The copy you made, stays in your home.)

This is why YouTube offers the URL of the video. And this is why that respectable programs like Real Player, allow single button downloads of any video on YouTube.

Making a copy of a YouTube video, is no different than making a copy of your favorite TV show on your DVR, or VCR. As long as it's for →YOU←.

Also, just to give you extra comfort, this is why Windows Media Player on your computer is able to rip the songs off of your own Cd's.

PS. I am not a lawyer, or an attorney. (This is just well reserched information.) And only applies to the laws of the United States.

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