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Download youtube idm problem

Lately the YouTube team at Google has been working hard on improving the YouTube experience in terms of features and I must say they have done well so far. You can now enjoy videos in a whole new 16:9 widescreen format and can even watch videos in High-Definition (HD).

Previously a lot of users have accused YouTube for providing a low-quality video experience but even then YouTube remains to be the most famous online social network for videos.

A while back we shared a trick for downloading any YouTube video as an MP4 file which could be transferred to your mobile, iPhone or iPod directly but today we have a trick that will allow you to download YouTube HD videos in High-Definition (Better quality).

Drag the following bookmarklet to your browser’s Bookmarks toolbar or simply copy its link and create a new Bookmark yourself.

Once you are on a YouTube video that has an HD format available, click the bookmarklet and the download should begin. To know whether a YouTube video is available in HD or not, look for the Watch in HD link below the video.

Also you can browse through a list of videos available on YouTube in HD. Please note! this hack is different to the one shared by us previously which would only let you download a video in MP4 format but not in HD.

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