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I've written some code to load up YouTube videos on a page with AJAX. The idea is that I can click a button and it will convert the video to an mp3 and generate a download link without having to leave the page.

I do not want to use FFMpeg as I want the website to be functional on any device without the need of any extensions.

Is there a way I could do this in PHP or anything? Even if it's using an API from another website?

The basic HTML would be:

Now I just need a working JavaScript function or some PHP code.

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Old answer was best when question asked! Even though it will not work now, so for all who search about this, please try this PHP class to Download and Convert YouTube videos to MP3.

Please note, you must have Ffmpeg installed in order to use MP3 function.

Edit: The github link above does not longer work, as noticed also by @awlurker in its comment.

Edit 2: The demo link doesn't work anymore

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